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Russian Tortoise Health Information

The Russian Tortoise is both a good digger and climber and though they are extremely good at surviving many temperature extremes and can be kept outside, you should always make sure that the pen that you are keeping them in is escape proof. This means often digging the pen into the ground so that there is a good deal of it actually in the ground that they can't dig under. The tortoise will dig a burrow to hibernate in, so make sure that they have an adequate amount of substrate to do this in, if you are keeping them in a pen indoors. Also note, that if you are planning to keep them indoors, there should be a very adequate amount of ventilation. They are extremely susceptible to shell rot and so you should be sure to keep them in a relatively dry area.

Males can become quite aggressive during mating season. He will bite the female's head and legs and after he is facing her, he will jerk his head up and down in a rapid movement and then make high-pitched noises. 2 to 4 clutches of eggs may be laid per season and each clutch contains a varying number of eggs, anywhere from 2 to 9. Incubate the eggs at 80% humidity and hatching should occur between 61 and 75 days. Hatchlings are five centimeters long and will grow fairly quickly in the first year. Feed hatchlings as you would adults to make sure that they grow deformity free.

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