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Yellow Spotted Amazon River Turtle Health Information

Yellow-Spotted Amazon River Turtles have a mating season that lasts several months. The mating season depends on the region in which the turtle lives. When courting, the male turtle nips at the female's feet, swims around her and curls his tail around her shell. He then injects semen from his cloaca into hers. Several weeks after copulation, the female Amazon River Turtle lays a clutch of between 15 and 25 eggs in a nest. The babies hatch after about two months of incubation into hatchlings about the size of a quarter. The hatchling turtles have very vibrant yellow markings and are preyed upon by many types of animals. The sex of the babies depends on the temperature of incubation; if incubated at temperatures below 90 degrees Fahrenheit, males will result, if above 92 degrees, the progeny will be female.

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