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Painted Turtle Western Health Information

The Western Painted Turtle is semi aquatic, so provide it with a setup in which it can easily crawl onto the land portion from the water portion. Two of these turtles can be housed in a 55 gallon aquarium. A filter is recommended to help maintain water quality. They should be exposed to full spectrum UV lighting for about 13 hours a day.

The Western Painted Turtle is omnivorous and will eat a large amount of vegetation and invertebrates. Freshwater fish, trout chow, carp pellets, and floating turtle food sticks are common foods offered in captivity. Feeding these turtles in a separate tank will help to keep their water clean.

In a courtship ritual, the male Western Painted Turtle will swim around and position himself in front of the female. He will then stroke her head with his long claws. If the female accepts him she will stroke his forelimbs with her own claws. After mating, the female will dig a nest 4 to 6 inches deep in a sandy area near water. She will lay 2 to 20 eggs per clutch, and she can be expected to lay 2 or 3 clutches a year. Sex of the hatchlings is determined by temperature. Eggs incubated at 87 degrees Fahrenheit will produce females and eggs incubated at 77 degrees will produce males. At temperatures between these ranges, both males and females will hatch. After about 75 days, the eggs will hatch and the hatchlings will move towards water. They will reach maturity around 5 years of age and can live as many as 20 years if they are properly maintained.

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