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Honduran Wood Turtle Health Information

Honduran Wood Turtles require a semi-aquatic habitat that is primarily terrestrial. Their enclosure should have high humidity. Though a filter can help with water circulation, Honduran Wood Turtles may quickly dirty their water because of their burrowing habits. A substrate of bark or soil that will allow them to burrow will generally be used extensively, but much of the substrate may end up in the water. Honduran Wood Turtles have been reported to make lots of use of basking areas. A diet based on fresh dark leafy green vegetables supplemented with insects should be offered. Snails are reported to be a special favorite. Fruit can be offered in small amounts.

Breeding is relatively difficult. Females can become calcium deficient very easily. It has been reported that separate housing for the female and male, works best in breeding programs. The males and females should only be allowed to be together for short periods of time. The problem when they are left together is that they may try to mate too often, which can lead to over production of eggs and to the calcium deficiency as mentioned above.

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