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Big Headed Turtle Health Information

It is necessary to handle the Big-Headed Turtle with care and respect. While usually nonaggressive, if threatened they will bite and scratch.

A semi-aquatic turtle, the captive Big-Headed Turtle will be most content if kept in an enclosure with both land and water. Because they are not good swimmers, the water section should not be overly deep. Because they are such able climbers, the top of the enclosure should be screened and the enclosure should be both as tall and as wide as possible. The land area must have sufficient substrate for egg deposition, if breeding is desired.

While primarily nocturnal, the Big-Headed Turtle should be provided with a full spectrum light source for about 12 hours a day. The water temperature should range between 53 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit, or 12 to 23 degrees Celsius.

In captivity, the Big-Headed Turtle will eat almost any meat, fish, and insects as well as commercial turtle-food. While capable of hunting and capturing food on land, they should be fed in the water, as they will usually take their food to the water to eat it, anyway.
It is very difficult to sex Big-Headed Turtles. The male's plastron is often more concave with the vent under the edge of the carapace. The breeding habits are almost entirely unknown. They lay 1 or 2 white oval eggs that resemble bird eggs. The eggs are usually about 37mm by 22mm. It is unknown what the incubation time is. The juvenile turtles are brighter than their parents. The tail is longer as well.

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