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Pancake Tortoise behavior

The Pancake Tortoise does not fall under what people usually vision in their minds when they think tortoise. Instead you find yourself looking at one of the most unique looking creatures imaginable.

The Pancake Tortoise is a climber and a wonderful escape artist. Unless you have an escape proof outdoor enclosure, this tortoise should be kept indoors, with supervised trips outside. They are fast movers, as far as tortoises go, and can disappear if they are not closely guarded. The Pancake Tortoise is quite a social tortoise, so owning more than one of them is recommended, though 2 males should not be housed together because they will most likely behave aggressively towards one another. Keep in mind that these tortoises are from an area where their climbing skills are tested on a daily basis. You will need to supply them with a fairly large and busy enclosure that will allow them to climb around. They are definitely not dull, and they are fun to watch. Pancake tortoises differ from most tortoises in that they are very fast - perhaps the fastest of all the tortoises in the world, and they will often run for cover instead of simply pulling into their shell. The scales on the legs of this tortoise are specially adapted for their survival. The points on their scales grow down and out, making them nearly impossible to extract from any crevices that they may crawl into for protection. They will roll their legs outward locking themselves in.

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