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Burmese Brown Tortoise behavior

The Burmese Brown Tortoise, sometimes known as the Burmese Mountain Tortoise, Manouria Brown Tortoise, or Six Legged Tortoise is the largest Asiatic land tortoise.

The Burmese Brown Tortoise is native to the mountainous regions of Southeast Asia. In the daytime they may soak in shallow water to avoid over-heating. This is a shy species, and therefore not much information is available about their behavior in the wild. Like many other tortoises, the Burmese Brown Tortoise is most likely active in the morning and evening hours, when it is not very hot. While the exact diet of the Burmese Brown Tortoise is unknown, it is likely that they feed primarily on vegetation, such as succulents, grasses and fruits in the wild. In captivity they do well on a diet of green vegetables and fruits, though some animal protein should be added to their diet on a regular basis to ensure good health. This tortoise is not very common in captivity. This may be due to the fact that they are not imported as often as other species, and the imported specimens may be difficult to care for and acclimate to life in captivity.

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