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Snapping Turtle behavior

The unique looking Snapping Turtle is native to North America. It earns its name from its aggressive nature and incredibly strong jaws.

Snapping Turtles are interesting animals, but their aggressive nature and tendency to snap at everything (from which they get their name) makes them less than ideal pets. Aquatic turtles, the Snapping Turtle can be found in almost any type of water source. They are more commonly found in ponds, lakes, and streams with muddy bottoms, in which they can burrow and hibernate. Snapping Turtles have a very high tolerance for cold, essential in the climates they are native to. Snapping Turtles have been observed underneath layers of ice. Unlike many other turtle species, the Snapping Turtle does not spend a great deal of time basking in the sun. Rather than basking, which they do only occasionally, they spend time at the murky bottoms of lakes and streams. They are not active hunters, preferring instead to lie in wait until unsuspecting prey ventures near. They often hide in mud or underwater, exposing only their eyes and nose. When the prey is within reach, the turtle strikes very quickly and drags the prey underneath the water. Snapping Turtles may occasionally feed on land, but this is not their preferred method. When encountered on land, the Snapping Turtle is usually quite aggressive. When approached, they hiss, strike and emit a musky odor from glands near the tail. They are generally very calm when in the water and will retreat from threats instead of rising to them. Snapping Turtles are solitary animals and only interact with each other when defending their territory or mating. Snapping Turtles generally live between 30 and 40 years.

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