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Box Turtle Indonesian behavior

The Indonesian Box Turtle is also known as the Malayan Box Turtle, the Amboina, the Celebes Box Turtle, the Malaysian Box Turtle, the Siamese Box Turtle, the Vietnamese Box Turtle, the Southeast Asian Box Turtle and the Java Box Turtle. They are interesting animals and are common in captivity.

Unlike other Asian Box Turtles, which are found in cooler regions of Asia, the Indonesian Box Turtle lives primarily in the equatorial rainforest and is used to warm, humid climates. They are primarily aquatic, one of the most aquatic of their genus. While the Indonesian Box Turtle will venture onto land, primarily to feed, they are most content while in the water. Indonesian Box Turtles can live quite a long time, usually between 30 and 35 years. Indonesian Box Turtles are quite curious, and dispels its curiosity with high activity. Indonesian box Turtles usually eat very well. In the wild, Indonesian Box Turtles are almost entirely herbivorous
In their native habitat, the Indonesian Box Turtle is threatened because of destruction of habitat and predation by humans for food and for the medicinal properties the turtles are supposed to have. They are also disappearing from Asia because they are being caught and exported as pets. While many people feel this is good because it keeps the animals from being killed by other causes, the reality of the situation is that many wild-caught turtles die when introduced to captivity. This is because the turtles are often very badly cared for while in transit and in pet stores. The new owners of the turtles either do not do the research necessary to find out how to take care of their turtle or are given misleading information. Captive breeding and education of owners can produce animals that make excellent pets. Unfortunately, the Indonesian Box Turtle is not particularly easy to breed in captivity.

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