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Box Turtle Gulf Coast behavior

The Gulf Coast Box Turtle is a small to moderately sized turtle, but it is the largest species of box turtle. They are very common as pets.

Gulf Coast Box Turtles can usually be found near sources of water. The young usually hunt in water, while the adults forage more on land. Although it is a diurnal animal, meaning it is active during the day, in hot weather the Gulf Coast Box Turtle usually does not venture out except in the morning or after heavy rains. Instead, they hide under logs or leaves, in mud or other animal's burrows, or soak in pools and puddles. In more moderate weather, like spring and fall, the Gulf Coast Box Turtle often basks in the sun. At night, they sleep in shallow scrapes. At the northern edges of their very wide range, the Gulf Coast Box Turtle hibernates starting in October or November. Southern turtles wait until later in the year to hibernate. The turtles hibernate in mud, stream bottoms, holes in stumps, or mammal's burrows, usually around two feet under. They often hibernate in the same place every year and will sometimes hibernate in groups. The Gulf Coast Box Turtle becomes active again in April. The Gulf Coast Box Turtle usually does not range more than 250 yards. When threatened or frightened, the timid Gulf Coast Box Turtle retreats into its shell and clamps it shut. The Gulf Coast Box Turtle can be found in meadows, woodlands, and pastures.

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