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Impressed Tortoise basic information

Growing up to slightly over 12 inches (30.5 cm), but rarely exceeding 11 inches (28cm) in carapace length, the Impressed Tortoise is a moderately sized tortoise. They have a somewhat flattened appearance when compared to the Asian Brown Tortoise, a close relative. The marginals of the Impressed Tortoise are serrated and they have one conical spur on each leg. These spurs have given the tortoise the Vietnamese name "rua sen," meaning "three tailed tortoise." The carapace, or top shell, of the Impressed Tortoise is usually reddish brown, and the border scutes are indented. They often have darker or lighter markings near the edges. The plastron, or underside of the shell, also has dark markings. These markings fade as the animal matures and older animals may not have any visible markings. The limbs are covered in large scales that overlap each other and are brown in color. The head is yellow. Male Impressed Tortoises can be distinguished from females by their darker color, longer tail, and the presence of a caudal spur.

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