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Box Turtle Chinese basic information

A small turtle with a high dome, the Chinese Box Turtle has a dark brown shell. This rich brown shade is uniform, except for the light yellow stripe on the vertebral keel and the light colored edge around the plastron. These light markings are the basis for the names "Yellow Margined Box Turtle" and "Yellow Rimmed Box Turtle." The vertebral keel is prominent and they may have two lateral keels. Unlike other turtles, which have the carapace attached to the plastron by a bony bridge, the Chinese Box Turtle has ligaments attaching the two parts of the shell. These ligaments, in addition to the hinge on the plastron, enable the turtle to close its shell very tightly when threatened. The legs of the Chinese Box Turtle are brown and its head has a pale green line bisecting the pale green head from the eye back. The apricot, pink or yellow chin and neck create a beautiful contrast. The Chinese Box Turtle has four claws on the rear feet and five on the front. It is very difficult to tell males and females apart, although males have larger, broader tails than females.

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